Gina Cavalier founded The Liberated Healer and developed the INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY process where we teach you the tools to heal yourselves to help release suffering, traumas, anxieties, fears, illness, resentments, and self-criticisms. Our goal is to liberate each person so they can heal themselves deeply.

Replace those energies with happiness, health, vitality, forgiveness and how to manifest the life you prefer, call in a life-partner and reveal your life’s purpose.

There are no contracts, rules, cult behavior, gurus, or pressures. We want to build a community that wants to bring society together, not apart and get back to who we truly are – a tribe/community that you can trust and love.

Thank you so much for stopping by and saying, “hello.”

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Prove techniques for a calm mind, body, and spirit.
Get more present so you can manifest the love and career you prefer

The key to unlock all spiritual information and how to connect your mind, body and spirit together. We will teach you through meditation, healing, readings, and a variety of tools that we teach you.


Healings can and might include; aura cleansing, color washing, grounding, trauma release, relationship healing, Christ Force physical healing, past life review, other energies in your space removal and more.


A reading is a 2 hour detailed look into your Chakra system, and integrate the energy healing you’ve been working on and review past lives and clear blockages/traumas that stop you from moving forward as well as call in the energy you want. We can go a general reading or look at specific needs.


THE LIBERATED HEALER podcast releases a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday with special guests giving you the tools and information some might be seeking in their life.

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Gina is truly a Liberated Healer! The energy and intention she brings to a space, to an encounter, creates a powerful opportunity for healing, for rejuvenation. Opening this space to all who wish to join proves the authenticity behind her message. Thank you for your beautiful heart!

Lorilyn Bleckmann

(LA - Life Coach)

Working with Gina for the past few months has been incredibly helpful for me. She has helped me develop tools for maintaining a higher level of calm, inner peace, and a stronger relationship with my own intuition. This has been invaluable for maintaining balance for me. I’m so grateful for her joyful, gentle, and positive support!

Sarah Merrie (LA)

I can’t fully express how grateful I am for Gina’s healing. She helped me through a very hard time. I was beyond freaked out about my impending colon surgery and Gina came to my home to do a healing. The only way I can explain it is powerful! I went into my surgery calm, feeling angels all around me! She is truly amazing!

Michelle DeAngelo

Mother to 3 boys and Nurse Student

I was skeptical at first about what meditation could do for me in my life. I believed it would help me feel a bit calmer and more centered, but that was it. But I received a beautiful surprise in my work with Gina. Yes, I’m calmer and more productive, but it is so much more than that. She has helped me clear obstacles-some of which have blocked my way for decades. She has helped me flush negative energy and ideas from my life to create a new space filled with purpose and joy and possibility. And I can state now, without question, my work with Gina has changed my life for the better. She is one of the world’s shining lights. I am blessed and deeply grateful to know her and honored to do this work with her.

Jeanette D. (Duarte, CA)

Life coach, Nutritionist

I have had a few healing meditation sessions with Gina and I can honestly say that I feel so much better in my overall wellbeing. Gina has a great gift and expertise for seeing where the problems are embedded and uses her talent to guide you to unblock the dark energy that may be causing the issues in your emotional and physical wellbeing. I felt safe during the sessions as Gina was there to guide and to deploy her own guides to assist when needed. For me this was truly enlightening experience. I no longer feel bogged down and I now have brighter energy and I am armed with practical techniques that I can use anywhere anytime. I can wholeheartedly recommend Gina. She truly is a unique bright guiding star.

Jacinta Faulkner (UK)

Tech Project Manager

Recently, I had my first session with Gina. Even before going, I knew it would be life changing, but… WOW.What an amazing experience! I learned so much about myself, was validated in the experiences I’ve had my whole life, and was given techniques & tools to continue channeling my energy in ways that serves my highest good. All thanks to Gina! She has amazing energy, and the ability to make you feel completely comfortable opening up energetically to heal. Not only does she truly know her practice, she is a beautiful person that I simply enjoyed spending time with. HIGHLY recommend booking a session with her!! I have already encouraged many friends to do the same, and I will definitely be back to work with Gina in the future.

Linnea H

- Los Angeles, CA , (Student)

“After my first session with Gina, I felt so much energy and emotion pulse through my body. I felt lighter and clearer in mind after our session – there is so much power in creating space for energy release! Gina made me feel completely at ease with the process. Her gentle and compassionate presence is a gift.”

Asia Hagel

Life coach, Nutritionist

“Gina is a gift with a gift! I found our grounding meditation profoundly informed, sensitive, tingly, radiant, moving, life inspiringly expansive,Grounding, Empowering, cleansing.Gina is graciously compassionate.”

Michael DeLuise


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Finished chapter 1 for our new book coming out early next year! @swedenborgfoundation celebrate all accomplishments ...

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Nobody comes to you by accident! ...

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Today's episode is Holly Copeland all about bio-tuning!

So amazing!

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Live Now! Carmen Turner-Schott has written a wonderful astrology book about the Moon’s magical way to fill us with empowering energy, self-healing and creative passion. She describes in great depth the self-caring and transformative power offered to us by our own Moon sign. When I read my own description of my Aries Moon, I was amazed how Carmen tuned into my emotional nature and what I needed to focus on in my life to stay emotionally centered. This book is a must read if you are new to astrology or a seasoned professional like myself. I love the message embedded throughout this book that being true to the intuitive nature of the Moon leads us to walk along uplifting paths to happiness and creative enjoyment! Bernie Ashman, Author, Sun Signs & Past Lives.


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Twin flames! If you are already in one or looking for one. There is a reason why they are so powerful and our souls crave them. Be warned they are hard to find and even then obstacles will be present because when they come together-
Many around them will heal. The twin flame final stage manifests the eternal union of these two souls who will become one. Then they will ascend spiritually to a higher dimension of consciousness where they will merge with the perfect universal harmony. The twin flame union raises the vibrational energy frequency of all humanity.

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Today on The Liberated Healer Podcast!

The coach with the most! We loved our conversation and hope you do too!


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Tuesday Morning! Rajashree Maa talks about the new reiki symbols she channeled! Such an enlightening conversation.


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Sunday’s Energy Doodle “ Swim with Porpoise”

“I will meet you there.”

The porpoise spirit came in to show love and support with us today. Dolphins represent rebirth. Seeing dolphin symbols on objects during quiet moments means you're about to have a life-changing shift in thinking. You may be on the cusp of a personal renaissance.

They love to play so go be light today, easy, gentle…

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We fell in love with Kris Franken. Just have a listen to her wisdom and pick up her amazing book, "Wildhearted Purpose!"

Thank you Kris!

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Gigi’s Daily Energy Doodle!

Lead with Your Heart. Your heart has consciousness and will lead you towards the right answer. Close your eyes, put your hands on your heart and breath slow and deeply and with purpose. Pay attention to the 5 senses working in your magical being.

I love you. Always have. Always will. Build community. Reach out to others. Your life is the most important thing you own. The Liberated Healer.

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