Your Aura is Alive. It’s not JUST Chemistry that attracts you to certain people

June 7, 2021 in Uncategorized


You can define your aura.  What is its edge and shape? Does it have “whacks” from people throwing things at it? Does it have colors or is it encased with greys, blacks and browns? It is larger than a room or close to your body? The good thing is that you own your aura. With the right tools your aura can do many things for you–all you need to do it tell it so. It’s all in how you communicate with your spirit. I am leaning into thinking about my favorite magical movies and scenes.  But magic is all around us.  Most people have no idea what a magical being they are within themselves.


Persons don’t realize that when they are social their aura expands very big and it actually gets filled up with colors like blues for communication, pinks for laughter, and reds for passion. People often talk about chemistry when they talk about a fascinating person they met, have loving or friendly feelings for and can’t wait to see them again. What is really happening is that your auras match and thrill one another—thus creating a third space. When the auras overlap there is a third space created that is unique to the two people. Have you ever felt a friend or a partner’s energy shift and it seems dark? Well, that is probably because it is. 


That darker energy could be theirs, but it could also be someone else’s. The reason this is important is because KNOWING and LEARNING how to tell the difference is going to change your life. Come to one of our free meditations and see how we explain these basic tools,  you can start to see and feel your aura, clean it, and call back all those beautiful colors.



The Chakras

Balancing your chakras are important. Chakras are our engine and when not balanced, can throw us off. This is what we are doing with the basic meditation too.

Music notes vibrate at a frequency, and when you multiply them at the speed of light you get a color – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – called the light sound bridge.

Root Chakra – 1st three vertebrae – purpose is survival, water safety food, abuse  – psychological needs.


Balanced: peaceful

Unbalanced: Greed, materialism, abusive behavior, negativity

Heal: Crystals, sound therapies, meditations, healings, grounding – negative ions from the earth and help remove toxins and heavy metals

Orange – sexual organs sacral energy


Balanced: passion joy, power,

Unbalanced: low libido, sleeping, emotional lows, shame, guilt low, vibrations

Yellow – solar plexus –  purpose wisdom, digestion, astral travel, instincts, hormones, serotonin is produced in your gut 90%


Balanced: high self worth

Out of balance: judgment towards yourself or towards people – stalk people on social media disaligned – adverse vibe

Heal: Diaphragmatic breathing – will help it work – get High on your own supply

Green – heart chakra – nature the heart of life

Function: regulate all emotions


Balanced: love for yourself, love of all

Unbalanced: issues with relationships

Blue: Throat communication vocal chords


Balanced: speak your truth

Unbalanced: secrets, silence, hold your tongue or your lying to people, violence, having a hard time expressing yourself

Indigo: Third Eye located between third eye


Balanced: inner wisdom, guidance

Unbalanced: Life in flux, learning but no purpose, depressed

Violet: Crown chakra – top of the head, halo crown light glowing from the head


Balanced: spirituality – all connected

Unbalanced: intense isolation not connected to the globally consciousness




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