You Are the JOY that Nothing Else is. You can’t compare your life with others, because you are perfectly designed for the experience you are supposed to have

June 1, 2021 in Uncategorized


Do you know that you are loved and that you are part of an ecosystem of divine energy consciousness that vitally requires your inclusion? When I realized this my world changed. For a long time I felt lost and hopeless and not sure if I belonged anywhere. That sense of belonging is so important but what I realized is that I was the one that was placing me into a box of hopelessness.



In that box I sat in dark and grey energy where I would let my mind go off and tell me horrible things about myself. As I compared my life with others, that box got heavier and more toxic. I was in a fight for my life – literally! Because, the truth is, a part of me really didn’t want to be here at all. I could sympathize with persons that took their own precious life.


Still with this darkness I didn’t feel depressed – I just stopped feeling. I found a few classes in different types of energy work, but nothing connected for me until I started to learn how to heal myself–working with my own energy and building communication where I could connect to my higher self and say, “Why do you feel this way today? Is this your thoughts or energy or is it someone else’s?” When I learned that one thing it changed everything. Most of what I was feeling, wasn’t even mine.


Other people’s feelings and marketing messages were playing on repeat in my head. I have discovered and refined a simple practice for grounding, running your energy, connecting to your higher-self and calling back your own energy that gives you back the power to fight for yourself–to feel great again and move past anything that comes in your way.


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