Spiritual Care should be your first care.

July 23, 2021 in Uncategorized


Why don’t we talk more about spiritual care? Well, we are so excited that people are starting to take steps towards these conversations a bit more because, “Spiritual Care” is actually the most important care. It affects us not only spiritually, but physical, mentally and emotionally. Here are the top two reasons that we teach daily in our meditations; 

1) The 1st Chakra gets out of balance. Our spiritual bodies along with our physical bodies in the beginning had a very different life as it does now. Our energy centers or chakras were designed to help us with life in a cave. Our first chakra was meant to open up and alert us that we need to run from a bear or tiger and give us enough energy and momentum to, “Fight or flight.” Today our first chakra is activated in normal everyday life when experiencing a job loss, debtness, loneliness, and many other things we have to deal with on a daily basis. When it is activated or wide open, that energy that was once intended to help save our life, rushes through our body and fills our space. The problem is that most of us are not running from a wild animal and this energy gets “Lit up”. If you aren’t aware of it or don’t know what to do with it, it causes us to move into fear and depression. Learning how to calm your energy centers with meditation, yoga, or simple movements will shut down those centers that are being “lit up” and bring them back to normal. This helps us deal with whatever is really happening in a way that is more rational.  


2) Grounded and in Present Time. Our body is in tune with mother nature and it naturally cleanses itself when we are connecting to it or walking barefoot along it’s surface. When we live in a concrete jungle it is very hard to mimic this energy unless you know how to ground and make sure you are in present time (not living in the future or in the past.) Grounding is simply a way to connect to the Earth and let your body release what is no longer serving it. It’s very similar to how an electrician grounds a house before they add electricity to the home so they can collect the energy and make sure it’s going into the ground. Remembering to properly ground yourself makes your entire spiritual and physical body more stable and able to deal with life’s blows. Also, you can’t manifest while living in the past or future. This is something that we have a hard time deprogramming within ourselves, especially females. What happens is we get a “thought” and it starts to play like a movie over and over again in our mind and then it travels throughout our body and our entire being. In reality a lot of times that “thing” has nothing to do with today or it can’t be changed as it’s already gone or in the future. Working on your spiritual-care, cleansing your thoughts, and bringing in new energy will help you deal with these things while having a better sense of personal power.



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