Signs The Universe Is Trying to Set You Up With “The One”

June 16, 2021 in Uncategorized


Every soul is traveling in a soul pack to work out karma or learn lessons in the Earth School. The only time you can truly miss one of your soulmates is when you are unconscious and have little awareness and are unconnected with your mind, body and spirit. Being more connected will help you find not only “the one”, but also “your true life path” where your soulmates are waiting for you.


Your guides are constantly trying to get your attention to point you to your path, be it through numbers, animals, insects, vibrations, license plates, stickers, billboards and anywhere you feel randomly compelled to look at something. When you are on your life path, the person that you are intended for and matches with your vibration will come smack right into the middle of your life.


You will know immediately as a sense of knowingness of this precious soul covers your spirit. Sometimes, we have many soulmates that we have to clear karma with. You might have several “Ones for Right Now” on the way to the “One”. So don’t despair if a person you thought was “The One” turns out not to be. Another one might be around the corner who will bring you a whole set of new lessons and excitement. Here is a little trick to see how your soul relates to another.


Imagine out in front of you a rose that represents you, then next to it imagine another rose that represents the other person. Then next to that imagine a rose that represents your potential relationship together. Is that last rose flourishing in beautiful colors or is it sad and fearful and filled with judgement and invalidation?


Unexpected Signs You’ve Met “The One.” 

This would be what we call a “Twin Flame” which is the perfect match for you in this lifetime. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to learn lessons together but it will be the most preferable match for you. You can look at the energy the same way as above. You can also meditate together through a clairvoyant sequence and see if your energy dances together.



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