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With any teacher or student ID get 15% off all services, if you are in serious need please reach out to our founder at and we will see what we can do according to your situation.

Meditations/Life Coaching


  • Everyone has a different need so there is not one size fits all. Please get a consultation and we can talk about what we suggest for you specifically.
  • These are performed from our trained energy healers who have completed several years in practice and over 500 hours of personal readings, and in-school teaching. We read the 7 layers of the aura and help release energy that might be blocking a person in a variety of areas in their life. We will look at two past-lives that want to come out to share the core lessons of that life that helps you today. The process can be done remotely or in-person and will take 2-3 hours to complete. You will walk away with renewed energy, sleep less, and a faith that your spirit is strong and can tackle anything this Earth school is here to teach you.


  • PLEASE SEE EVENT PAGE AND REGISTER FOR OUR CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS HERE if you have a workshop event that you would like to suggest or are a practitioner and would like to co-create an event please let us know at
  • CLASSES – We are currently developing our curriculum and will be presenting those soon


For companies big and small for works of all ages, shapes, sizes, types and abilities. We have packages to help employers give their employees more wellness at their place of work. Guided when needed by Dr. Donald Plance DO and through trained wellness practitioners we will put together a program for your staff with evidence-based practices in Meditation, Movement, Dance, Fitness, Self-Defense, Life Coaching, and Nutrition. Costs vary depending on amount of classes and how many attendees so reach out to for a custom quote.  

What our employees get:

  • More powerful/creative brains
  • Better/more productive teams
  • Better health
  • More happiness/body image
  • Higher Excitement to Perform
  • Raises heartbeat, lowers blood sugar, lowers Blood Pressure
  • Better Self-Esteem
  • Minimizes Pain and improves Mood
  • Trust building
  • Convergent thinking
  • Better Problem Solving Skills
  • Improves Compassion towards Each Other
  • Helps with “outside of the box” thinking
  • Sensitivity training and prevents workplace violence
  • Builds confidence discipline, moral, and critical thinking

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