If you can dream it there is someone waiting for it. While others are judging, you just keep on building

June 7, 2021 in Uncategorized


The reason we stop moving forward on a lot of our dreams is programming and other people’s ideology living in our “space.” When we say, “not all meditations are alike,” we mean it. If you do any meditation at all it’s good. But if you want a deep change that teaches you how to read your own energy and how to change it, you need spiritual tools. All the breathing techniques out there, although very good are simply not enough to move out traumas, severe depression, and illness like releasing bad energy, calling back original life force energy and cleaning your own aura.


Move with what makes you the most excited without hesitation. If you get stuck, run your energy and look at it. Why are you stopping? Are you simply worried that you nobody will receive your idea or product in a good light? Are you pre-judging its success? Are you scrolling on social media and seeing ideas that are almost exactly like yours and feel discouraged that yours is not needed? Are you worried about how you will afford to achieve what you prefer to do? Can you just manifest your dream on a vision board and put it on your wall? That would be awesome if that were the case, but we have a soul path that is predetermined. Our spirit is constantly trying to put us on that path. If we stop listening our spirits will continue to add road blocks or lessons to help us become more aware of how we prefer to live. So what is the answer?


Using your knowingness and learning how to be in communication with your intuition so you can look at any given situation and determine if this is a step in the right direction for your life path. We teach tools at The Liberated Healer that help you develop your knowingness and intuition and clear blocks that in some cases, have been there your whole life.


I promise, you have a purpose. I promise that it is world affirming. I promise that when you get into the path of the God of your heart, your life and all those around you will be excited for every opportunity and connection made through that which your spirit prefers. Join us and learn the tools so you can create more of what the Earth needs – souls who take the initiative through kindness, laughter, and community to learn tools and be present and enjoy each beautiful day they are afforded.




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