How to deal with toxic people

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If you need to deal with this toxic person(s) the best advice is to use it as a learning opportunity about yourself. If you truly can’t learn anything from this person or situation, you might have to just cut the cord and move on. However, if you can, sit with it awhile. Let it rise up. Look at it from an educational perspective. See if there is anything inside of yourself that you can work or heal.  Then you may truly turn it into a positive situation for yourself. You win!


  • We are all made up of energy and that is how we can recognize a toxic person or situation in the first place.
  • Persons that are truly toxic are unconscious to the deepest part of themselves and whether you can see it or not, they are probably suffering. They are cut-off from their energy, instincts, compassion, and empathy and vibrate at a low frequency gobbling up negative energy and running it through every part of themselves. 
  • If you are an empathetic person, you have now moved into your own compassion about this person. If you cannot be empathetic at all to this person then more than likely there is something inside of you that triggers a negative emotion in you such as humiliation, jealousy or disgust from your past, and you can use this situation to heal it. Great awareness!
  • Sit quietly in a safe space, rest your mind and body and give yourself love. Ask yourself why this person irritates you so much. Does it bring out something in you that can be healed? Does it remind you of a similar way that someone else treated you that made you feel the same toxic energy? Try and examine it from an outside perspective –analyzing it in a deep way. Then ask yourself for forgiveness for anything negative that you might feel such as guilt, shame, or fear. That is your trigger. 
  • Put yourself in a bubble of energy and say to the universe, “Do not let this person’s energy into my space or my mind.” Then you can stay an arms distance away from whatever if going on with them, you looked at yourself and now you can watch on the sidelines a little knowing that this is something inside of them and you are truly hoping that one day they become conscious enough to see it. 
  • You walk away with all the good juicy positive energy! 


This is the #1 most important tip in meditation – Grounding. We are all energy and what is the very first thing an electrician does when they are installing electricity? They add a grounding mechanism because it is the most effective way to return to the ground via the electrical panel. If you do not add this “Grounding” all of the things you are trying to discharge will just get pulled up and into your space. Add a grounding cord will give you a way to release immediately anything that is no longer serving you, or is energy that is not yours, or energy that someone unknowingly threw energy at you. 




  • Close your eyes, Sit straight up in a chair with your feet on the ground if you can. If for accessibility reasons you need to lay flat. That is fine too, but the idea is not to twist your arms or legs. 
  • Visualize the base of your spine where the 1st chakra is located, imaging a large cord coming off of your spine that is wider than your hips. 
  • You can make this grounding cord any material that serves you specifically like a tree root, a metal silo, or a tube bejeweled with colors. 
  • Send that grounding cord all the way to the center of the Earth where the lava is and ask your body to release anything that is not serving you. 
  • Make sure your grounding cord is hollow on the inside, you can do this over and over again. 
  • Sometimes you might feel or see a project, a person, or something else in your minds-eye. Those are usually the things you are releasing. Even if people love you, they sometimes can be too much in your space. This is a way to release their energy that is stuck in yours. The whole idea is to run your own energy as much as possible. 
  • The grounding cord not only releases energy that is not good in your space, but also gives you back seniority, strength, and confidence that you are in control of your own energy and know how to heal yourself.



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