How Often should you Meditate?

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1. How Often Should You Meditate?

Right off the bat, The Liberated Healer wants to address that practices over time need to change as everything changes and is supposed to change. We do not subscribe to a specific regime of practice except that we suggest that you meditation at least once a day but it is for a purpose and everyone is different according to what they currently have going on in their life, traumas, fears, or schedule. If you can meditation twice a day for 20 minute morning and night that is a suggested balance. Our meditation sets you up to help clean your energy and set you up in your seniority and to put an energetic boundary around your aura so people cannot jump in your space and you take on their things. So, we do suggest meditating right before you are going to start work and in that meditation you always need to ground yourself, connect to the Earth and the Cosmic energy, protect your energetic boundaries, call yourself into present time (not in the past or in the future), and call back any energy that you might have left or given away in the past. If you can also do this in the evening before you sleep it will help especially for those who are astral travelers and wake-up tired. 

Our physical body only really needs 4 hours of sleep the rest of the time is resetting up our spirit and mental and emotional body. If that becomes really healthy you need less sleep. Meditation is wonderful to incorporate into some healthy movement like walking, jogging, skipping, and general movement or whatever you can do depending on where you are in your physical state. Often the meditation community focusing in on young and active people which is great to get them into this habit but we need to start teaching this to persons in the hospitals, during and after cancer treatments, and with disabilities.  

Our meditation is a tool for when you need it and you will know when you need it. If you have an important meeting or speech we show you how to set yourself-up through meditation to own the room, have seniority, be present and how to command the space in a positive manner. So, if you can do 20 minutes morning and night and then anytime you need a little extra help, that is what we suggest. 

2. Why Does This Work? 

We are all energy. The lack of attention on the things you need to focus on can absolutely be reduced in anyone by learning how to manage and change their energy. We are all sentient beings with a vibration and when that is ignored then often your energetic space will become overwhelmed with misplaced energy and that can bring in illness, sadness, fears, and anxiety. The lack of focus is partly because your chakras are out of balanced and your body is saying, “Run, there is a tiger behind you.” But really, you just have a lot to do and most of us no longer need to run from wild animals but this is the energy that is cycling through your body. What do you think would happen if an electrician stopped adding a grounding to a home? The electricity would be all of the place and eventually catch on fire. What you can learn is first hot to ground yourself. There are many ways and here is one way. 

Grounding meditation

  • Sit in a chair with your feet on the ground and lying down is fine too.
  • Stretch up to the ceiling and roll the shoulders and bend down in the chair and touch your toes, wiggle your toes if you can while take nose inhales (no mouth breathing if possible)
  • Roll your neck a few times to he left and then to the right, notice which sides are stiffer
  • Ground: Always do this first so everything else works from the 1st chakra at the base of the spine to the center of the earth, ground places, things, people, and situations. Image a large tube wider than your hips that can be made out of anything that you want it to be like a tree, a silo or anything but make sure it is hollow on the inside and wide always the way and send that chord all the way to the center of the Earth and let it connect to the lava. This lava energetically will be where we send all the low vibration elements that will come off your body and burn away. 
  • You can ground anything but always ground yourself first. Ground; Your home, animals, company, projects, cars, locations, and more. 

Just Breath

  • Your light is in your breath. Do this at least three times. Breath out all the way and make it so you can hear it if possible. Pause. Then push it out and make sure you can hear it if possible. This will help bring you back to your body. 

 Watch the things you Consume

  • All images and sounds have a vibration. If you are struggling with focus monitor the things you are consuming. For example things like video games are intended to heighten you adrenaline and it does. If you are playing video games and then have a hard time focusing on doing a class assignment or a report it is no wonder. Your space is filled with, “Run and shoot monsters” or if you are on social media and putting energy into other people’s lives how are you supposed to focus on the things you need to accomplish. Again, you are a sentient being. All things you consume has a cause and effect. 

Be present

  • If you find you are living in the past, “why me, why did this happen” or you are living in the future, “I will enjoy life when this happens” then you are not present. Ask yourself right now how much are you in present time from 1 – 100, what did you get? That is the number, now try and increase your presence in your own life. 

Focus for small bits of time on something in nature. 

  • Stare at a tree, a flower, a bird and try and see the essence “energy” around them. Become more aware of energy in living things and this will ignite a deeper connection to Earth and will help you focus on your life and tasks at hand



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