Gina Cavalier founded The Liberated Healer and developed the INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY process where we teach you the tools to heal yourselves and those you love to help release suffering, traumas, anxieties, fears, illness, resentments, criticisms. We show you how to replace those energies with happiness, health, vitality, forgiveness and how to manifest the life you prefer, call in a partner that fulfills your soul and reveal your life purpose.


How are we different?

  • Our focus is LOVE AND CAREER.
  • We don’t just explain the technique but we detail what the energy is doing it and why so you have a deeper understanding and connection to what is happening
  • We believe it should be affordable to everyone and which is why we offer FREE Meditations every Monday from 8:30-9:00am PST
  • We welcome all creeds, religious expressions, those who need accessibility, with disabilities and are passionate about creating quality product that everyone can access
  • We do not tolerate any hate, racism, abuse, or bullying behavior
  • Every employee will have an ownership interest once they have met a standard of time of employment raising the entire team


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Today's episode is live and we have Michele Blood one of Australia's treasures! Learn about her journey through a terrible bus crash on tour to finding spirit and music to heal herself and others!

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Today! Tom Paladino, a scientist, humanitarian, and pioneer in quantum health research seeking to make a difference in the world by providing people with the tools they need to restore optimal health and enhance their quality of life. He has been able to harness Scalar Light, light that is emitted from the sun of our solar system and all the stars in the universe, for improving health and enhancing energy. 
Tom began research with Scalar Light after developing a deep admiration for the father of Scalar Energy research, Nikola Tesla, and inventor, Hieronymus. Inspired by their findings on Scalar Energy, Tom pursued a new course of study seeking to better understand and subsequently harness Scalar Energy through the development of a new instrument, Scalar Light. This instrument uses free energy from the light emitted by the sun and stars to heal and improve the health of people struggling with hormone imbalances, nutrient imbalances, neurotransmitters, digestion, detox and much more. 
He’d appreciate the opportunity to come on your show, The Liberated Healer, to explain what Scalar Light is and how it can be used to help heal the human body naturally. 

@tompaladino @scalarlight

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Truman has been helping with healings and card pulls. He loves it! Animals want more roles and communication! ...

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Tomorrow, the author of "Quantum Healing and The Rainbow Diet" its our pleasure to connect with Dr. Deanna Minich.

@deannaminich @deannaminicch

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I think walking is my favorite thing to do for m yself. It clears the head and gets the body moving and connects you back to Mother Gaia. I've seen more positive health benefits than I could have imagined. We take the dogs too and it's good for the whole family. Make it a ritual everyday! Watch things in your life transform from this one thing. ...

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Sending out an important book proposal on healing suicidal thoughts. Please send your wishes for the right publishing partner. We want this to get to people in need.

@stop._.suicide._ @suicideprevention._ @publisherswkly @wellnesspublishers

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Michele Molitor is a life coach who also does hypnosis to help you meet yout goals and change your life!


@rapidrewire @mcmolitor

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Challenges are the best way to learn my loves…. ...

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Thank you everyone for your support! Time to get sponsors and hire some people! ...

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Coming tomorrow tomorrow on TLH Podcast - Dr. Jeanne Retief. She fought for social justice as a lawyer and needed a deep connection with Earth and created pure creams using Roobios and other amazing products from South Africa. Thank you Jeanne!


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