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June 7, 2021 in Uncategorized


Everything that has life has energy. That energy can be positive, neutral, or negative. We need to clean the energy in our home just the same way that we need to clear the energy in our bodies. The traditional ways that we are told to clear energy is by using sages and smoke, feathers, and prayer. Those are helpful momentarily to move negative energy out, but they do not stick. Once the smoke and smell is gone you can safely bet the energy has reset to the way it was previously. The only way to truly clear the energy is to do a similar clearing that which we have perfected in the body because all of the things in our home and even our home itself have living organisms inside. Here are the steps to clear your home’s energy: 


  • First get yourself into a good energetic space through a calming and grounded meditation. The house is a reflection of the energy that surrounds you, so ground yourself, call back your energy and get into a peaceful mood.
  • You can do this for a single room or for the entire home. Ground the space by imagining a grounding cord as wide as the home that is hollow and send it to the center of the Earth and say out loud, “Whatever is of low vibration and not serving this home in a positive light, let it go down the grounding cord and burn away.” Feel the energy wash away through the grounding chord. 
  • Imagine a large “Golden Sun” as big as the house and say, “Collect the original life force energy of this home and restore this home to all of that light and beautiful rainbow energy with the brightest of colors.” 
  • Imagine roses and all kinds of flowers from the floors to the ceiling in every part of the house, including the drawers and the closets–filling the home with beautiful flower energy. This sets the energy of the home to a light, calm, and high vibration. If you want a specific vibration in your home then you can set it at that specific color and imagine that whole room turning the color. Some color washes that help are green for healing and health, yellow for personal power and strength, red and pinks for passion and friendship and unconditional love, purple for intuition (this might be helpful if you are remodeling) along with some blue for communications, orange for creativity, and if the energy feels hectic you can “Go Down to Brown!” Brown is the calmest energy in the palette. 
  • If you are trying to create a certain energy such as money space, career space, sleep space, relationship space, health space, ground it and run a neutral golden sun through it to clean it and then give it a color wash of the vibration you would like in that space.


If you do this every day, take note how people change in this space when they enter through your awareness of what you have created. If you feel that someone came in and they had a negative energy that is lingering in your space, you can color wash the entire space with bright yellow. Nothing bad or negative can live in bright yellow–iit literally cannot stand it. People have been using the “White Light” thing for a long time but the real color that protects you and your family’s energy is yellow. 



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