Colors really do hold an energy! Use bright yellow to remove dark energy!

June 7, 2021 in Uncategorized


Most of us have seen the chakra system chart that show at which colors our chakras vibrate. This truth is going to seem unlikely to some.  While a lot of people’s chakras vibrate at those colors,  but chakras change colors all the time and may even hold all the colors at one time including colors that our eyes can’t even see. Once you start to build a relationship with colors you will never go back. You might even stop wearing all black if that is what you do as it may start to feel “heavy”.


Even though a certain color might mean something different for each individual we do know that in general, different colors vibrate at different frequencies that help with certain things. Here are some thoughts on colors. If you ever feel there is darkness around you, all you have to do is imagine turning yourself to bright yellow.  USE YELLOW NOT WHITE – because nothing dark can live in yellow. People always freak out the first time I tell them not to surround themselves in white light. Actually white light is easy to hide in – you need to turn yourself bright yellow!



In my healings, we do a color mapping series to restart your chakras. Call for a booking.



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