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How we began

The Liberated Healer was founded in late 2020 by Gina Cavalier when she received clear indication from spirit that it was time to create a safe place for those who were ready for limitless information about their energy and soul. To build a community of like minds who were in need of new tools to slow down the chatter of the outside world, to go inward with tools that really worked, and to give rise to a new way of thinking and communicating. To build products that truly help people and not price gouge them. We are on a mission from spirit and nothing will stop us!

The most effective meditation methods

Using her tech and entertainment experience as a backdrop to create, develop, and build the most eloquent, effective, useful, and meaningful platforms, applications, and spaces to learn and share these meditations and healing techniques for all.

Gina is on a mission that knows no boundaries as she has seen first hand, what these tools have done for herself and thousands or others. She is motivated with her whole being to teach it to the millions of persons who want to heal themselves.

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Connection is key

We crave a deeper relationship and connection between the teacher and student. We are not saying one has seniority over the other, but it is not a one-and-done scenario for us. It is a practice that only works when doing it over and over again.

We will give you the instruction in the way that you need it. Our teachers are available to answer questions. Please stay tuned as we continue to develop our platforms and mobile apps.

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Meditation tools

Grounding, Protection
Golden Sun
Calling back Energy
Earth & Cosmic Energy
Center of your Head
Not My Problem
Creating and Destroying Energy
Present Time

Body of Glass
Own Your Space
Clearing and new energy
“Tapping” to get back into your body
Astral Travel

Asking the right questions
Truth or Lies practice
Mock-up your Future
Bringing in Your Guides and Working with them
Saying Hello to a Spirit
Call in your Soulmate & Life Path

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